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Round Back
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27 December 2022
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Poor posture often occurs due to muscle weakness and lack of the habit of keeping your back straight. In the case of round back, there is a decrease in lumbar lordosis with a simultaneous increase in thoracic kyphosis.

Recommendations After Diagnosis


There is always a slight bulge in the thoracic region called kyphosis. However, if the kyphosis becomes significant, it transforms in the round back as people refer to as a “hump”. We hasten to reassure you that round back is more a habit of being in an uncomfortable position. And it is easier to work with a habit than with a disease. Read the guidelines to help you.

1. Keep your back straight

An upright posture is the main thing to keep in mind. To remember to keep your back straight, set a reminder on your phone or special applications. You can also use our ATLANT device for this purpose.

2. Do Pilates

Pilates is effective for any degree of round back. However, it is important to know that the more significant the stoop, the more time it takes to cope with it. The combination of static and dynamic load has beneficial effects on the body:

  • Nutrition of the intervertebral discs improves
  • Nutrition of the spinal cartilage is activated
  • Pilates engages the deepest muscles
  • Muscle frame is formed
  • Correct posture is formed by controlling and maintaining the balance of the body


3. Exercise and Stretch

You can do exercises on your own at home to strengthen the abdominal and back muscles as well as stretching. Doing regular stretching exercises for your chest, shoulders, back, and hips can help you get the spine upright and break the habit of rounding your shoulders.

4. Watch your weight

If you are overweight, the load on the spine increases. If the excess weight is small (5-10 kg), this is not a problem. In other cases, the weight needs to be gradually returned to normal.

5. Take breaks from work to warm up

Don’t sit in one place all day. Take breaks at your convenience. For example, 5 minutes per hour or 10 minutes for two hours. At lunchtime, it is better to walk for at least half an hour. If you can’t get out, you can warm up your shoulders and do a couple of simple exercises right at the work table (body turns, shoulder blades reduction, etc.).

6. Pay attention to how you sleep

The posture you’re used to sleeping in also affects your posture. To reduce the load on the spine, it is better to sleep on your side with a small pillow between your shins. The pillow should not be high.

Straighten your back right now and be healthy!


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