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Manufacturer: Atlant Spine LLC, Ukraine


  1. Title: Atlant Spine v 1.0 electronic posture corrector
    2. Purpose and scope:
    Atlant Spine v 1.0 electronic posture corrector is used to correct posture and prevent posture deviations in children and adults. The device is not a medical one, but a product for fitness and health. The device is not intended to treat clinical diseases of the spine. If you have a pathology, please consult a specialist before using the device.
  2. Construction and materials

The device is made of PP plastic, painted with PUR paint, contains a built-in battery, and a cable magnetic interface. It is protected from moisture penetration according to IP64 degree.

  1. Technical characteristics

Country of manufacture: Ukraine

Color: White

Type of fixation: Hydrogel

Weight: 12.8 g

Power: Built-in battery

Interface: Cable with magnetic fixation

Size: 53 x 47 x 11.3 mm

Level of water resistance: IP64
Material: PP plastic
Body coating: PUR paint

  1. Using the device

The device is attached to the shoulder blades on the back with hydrogel. The position sensor inside the device memorizes the normal position of the body during the first launch (as it is calibrated). Once the device has been calibrated, any change in back position within unacceptable limits will be accompanied by vibration. Due to the vibration, you will realize that you have started slouching and should straighten your back. The device monitors the position of the back both forward/backward and left/right.

  1. Packaging, transportation, and storage

The device is delivered in the following complete set: the device, a case, a charging wire, 7 gel stickers, a guitar pick, instructions, and a box. The device must be stored and supplied in the manufacturer’s packaging in conditions and with the temperature regime in accordance with GOST. During transportation, the device should be protected from shocks and mechanical pressure, and its surface should be secure from scratches and mechanical damage.
7. Disposal
Disposal of the product is carried out in the manner prescribed by the legislation of Ukraine.
8. Warranty obligations
The manufacturer guarantees the products comply with safety requirements, provided that the consumer complies with the rules of use, transportation, storage, and operation of the product. The warranty covers all defects caused by the manufacturer. The warranty does not cover defects that have occurred in the following cases:
– violation of the modes of transportation, storage, operation, and maintenance of the product;
– improper transportation and loading and unloading operations;
– the presence of traces of substances aggressive to the materials of the product;
– damage caused by fire, disaster, force majeure;
– damage caused by incorrect actions of the consumer;
– interference in the design of the product.
The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design of the product that do not affect the stated technical characteristics.
9. Warranty service conditions
Complaints about the quality of the goods are accepted during the warranty period of 6 months. Defective products are repaired or exchanged for free during the warranty period. The decision to replace or repair the product is made by the manufacturer’s service center. The replaced product or its part received as a result of repair, becomes the property of the service center.
Costs associated with transportation of the defective product during the warranty period are not reimbursed to the buyer.
In case the claims turn out to be unsubstantiated, the costs on diagnostics and examination are paid by the buyer.
Products are accepted for warranty repair (as well as upon return) fully packaged (according to the delivery set).



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