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How can we help you?
  1. Open the application and tap the Bluetooth button on the main screen.
  2. Tap the device twice.
  3. Choose ATLANT and it is ready to use.

ATLANT has 2 operation modes: training mode and tracking mode.


In training mode (vibration ON), if you slouch more than the set angle then the device will vibrate. The vibration is an indicator that you should straighten up.


In tracking mode (vibration OFF), if you slouch more than the set angle then the device will not vibrate. However, it will save your progress and information about the exercise which you can view on the Statistics tab.

To set the permitted angles, go to the settings by tapping on the wheel on the main screen.


After tapping the wheel you will see the first angle setting screen.

This screen is about setting the forward tilts. Note that here you can set 2 parameters at the same time, using the + and – buttons.


The difficulty level option deals with setting the permitted tilt forward.


Time before vibration is the pause before the device vibrates after you tilt more than the permitted level.


There will be no vibration if the device is set to the Vibration OFF tracking mode.


The next screen is identical to the previous one, but it is about tilting to the left and right. To go to this screen, tap the “Go on” button.

To adjust the power of vibration, go to the settings by tapping the wheel on the main screen.


You will be taken to the Forward Tilt Adjustment screen. To go to the required screen, tap the “Go on” button on the screens that will open.


Use the + and – to adjust the power of vibration on this screen.

After you have connected ATLANT to your smartphone, place the device on your back.


The device is attached by means of medical-grade silicone. It can be used up to 10 times before it needs to be replaced.


Now place the device on your back. The main thing is to be comfortable. Don’t worry if you can’t fit the device exactly as it is shown on the website or packaging, it will still work correctly.

Once you’ve placed the ATLANT on your back, it’s time to get to work.


Before pressing the Start button on the main screen, straighten up, freeze, and do not move :).


Itʼs time to begin. Press the Start button but still try not to move when the device vibrates. This means that the workout has begun and ATLANT is now monitoring your posture.

To check the charge level of the device in the mobile app, take a look at the corresponding icon on the main screen.


To quickly check the battery level, double-tap it.


If the device glows green, be sure that the charge is higher than 20% and thatʼs enough for another whole day of work.


If the device glows red, the battery level is below 20% and we recommend charging the device so that it does not run out of battery in the middle of the working day.

In the Statistics section, you can track your activity and watch your progress in building a healthy posture.

In the Diagnostics section, you can check the state of your posture as well as get recommendations to improve it.


This is possible due to a neural network: a set of neurons that connect in chains. Each link in the chain is a separate element responsible for recognizing a certain criterion: color, volume, size, etc. The system can work according to a given algorithm and learn independently.


Put simply, a neural network is an artificial intelligence that was created by humans.

In the Content section, you can find video exercises for strengthening your back. The text descriptions give useful recommendations and improve your understanding of the processes that will lead you to the correct posture.

Stickers can be purchased on our website or by telephone.

You can purchase an additional sensor or charger for yourself, relatives, or colleagues on our website or by telephone.


It’s very simple. We provide a 6-month warranty against the technical breakdown of the device caused by a defect.

The device is subject to exchange within 14 days if the device did not suit you, or within six months if a defect was found.

We deliver our devices by Nova Poshta to the office of your choice.

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